2018 #websitegoals

Courtland Consulting's Website Goals
Seems everyone has got goals these days. Some long term, others more short term, and others more just like a cool meme on their instagram feed: #lifegoals, #relationshipgoals, #weekendgoals.  Goals are good right?  They help us envision where we want to be.  Now that 2018 is upon us, have you taken any time to ponder your #websitegoals?

NonProfit and Small Business #websitegoals

At Courtland Consulting we love helping nonprofits and small businesses achieve their #websitegoals. We know that not every business has enough money set aside in the budget to conquer all of your goals at once. We help our clients to create a list of their goals for their site and work through it top to bottom as the budget allows.  From Digital Marketing Institute’s article about web trends for 2018, they note “In 2018, the focus will be on designing simple but powerful websites that are well optimized for mobile devices and heavily focused on user experience. These sites will feature new types of formats, styles and technologies.” So to help in your planning, here are the top 4 things you should be looking at to freshen up your website in the next year. 

Putting your best mobile site forward

CreativeBloq.com talks about how “2017 was a landmark year for the mobile web, as its usage finally overtook that of desktop browsing.” So this trend is not slowing down, but just gaining steam.  Now you need to analyze how consumers are using your mobile site to make sure your design gives your users their best experience on their mobile device.

New Ways to Catch their Eye

Due to increases in mobile browsing, sleek, simple modern design seems to be a better fit for smaller screens. Adding interesting typography, larger fonts with striking colors will also complement that trend well.

Making Website Security a Priority

If your site handles ANY type of personal information, it is susceptible to hacking, with all of the major sites that fell victim to hacking in 2017, this is on the minds of all consumers. It should be on yours too! According to Capterra.com “Hackers are taking advantage of websites falling behind in cyber security measures.”  Have an assessment done of your website’s security. Then you can see where you can take steps to improve it. This should definitely be towards the top of everyone’s #goals list for 2018.

Diving into New Technologies

Looking at new technologies might not be at the top of everyone’s list. Small businesses and nonprofits may think it’s out of their reach or not worth the money and effort to invest in. But new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Kinetic Emails, Web Animations, Push Notifications and Splash Screens are becoming more main stream and worth learning more about to possibly put on your wish list.

Courtland Consulting can work with you and provide you with a web assessment to see what items should be at the top of your #websitegoals list for the coming year. Contact us at sales@courtlandconsulting.com. To read more about website updates see our blog 5 Ways to Improve Your Website.