5 Ways for Nonprofits to Maximize Online Donations

Create a website that will attract your donors and maximize online donations.

1.     Feature Your Donation Button Prominently

If one of your website goals is to maximize online donations, you should ensure that your donation button is visible from every page. Include your donation button in your website header so that it’s always present and easily found no matter where users land.

Why It’s Essential

Potential donors can’t start the giving process if they have no idea where to begin. By ensuring that your donation button is featured in prominent places throughout your site, donors can access your donation form the minute the urge to give strikes.

Down Syndrome of Northern Virginia website

2.     Connect Your Website and Donor Database

Connecting your website and donor database starts with finding a website company that supports fluid integrations with your donor database. A form that links to your donor database can be added to your website via an iframe or link.

Why It’s Essential

Between online donations, event registrations, membership signups, and other online forms, your organization will likely be receiving a lot of donor data through your website. By integrating your website and your CRM, you’ll eliminate the need for manual data management, which can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Instead, all new data you collect will automatically filter into donor profiles, making the data collection process a breeze!

Blue Water Community Action Agency


3.     Other Communications Outlets

The two most common digital communications channels are email and social media.

Your organization can incorporate email into your website by adding a subscription box that enables visitors to sign up for your newsletters. Your email marketing platform should generate a code that can easily be placed on your website.

As for social media, include social sharing buttons so that supporters can forward your content to their networks. If you’re active on social media, you can also embed social media feeds to share current updates.

Why It’s Essential

If your nonprofit is up-to-date with current communications trends, then your website certainly isn’t the only component of your digital presence. By incorporating other digital outlets, like email and social media, you can ensure that your entire digital communications strategy is integrated and cohesive.

Plus, your supporters have different engagement preferences. Including other outlets will enable you to reach more visitors through their preferred channels, targeting your communications and making them more effective.

Little Dixie Newsletter


4.     Clear Calls to Action (CTA)

To devise appropriate engagement opportunities, think about what outcomes your organization is hoping to achieve with your website. Is it to increase membership? Boost email newsletter subscriptions? Once you know how you wish to engage supporters, place calls-to-action (CTAs) around your site that prompt users to take the desired actions.

The most successful CTAs use clear, concise, and urgent language and are easily spotted as a button so that visitors can’t miss them!

In addition, an online chat tool can be added for instant connection to your clients.

Why It’s Essential

While securing more online donations might be your organization’s main goal with your website, some of your visitors might not be ready to take the leap and make a gift. If you don’t include other engagement opportunities throughout your website, you’ll be missing out on building relationships with supporters who wish to engage with you in other valuable ways. After all, it takes diverse contributions to further a cause.

A supporter who gives their time through volunteering or access to their network through social sharing is just as an important to cultivate as a potential donor.

Wayne Metro Calls to Action


5.    Add a Matching Gift Tool

To add a matching gift tool to your website, you’ll first need to find a vendor (like Double the Donation). If your website builder is compatible with your matching gift service, you should be able to easily embed the tool into your website with a simple piece of code. If not, you’ll need to work with a vendor who provides custom development options, such as Courtland Consulting.

Why It’s Essential

Matching gifts are one of the easiest ways to increase online donations significantly. After all, you’re essentially receiving two donations for the price of one! The problem lies in the fact that many donors simply aren’t aware of the option to give a matching gift. By adding a matching gift tool to your site, you ensure donors know about this option and give them the resources they need to follow up on submitting their gifts.


Double the Donations

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