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Lisa Hagen is a Consultant at Courtland Consulting and currently working as a Policy Analyst at the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) Office of Child Support (OCS). She started at Courtland Consulting in November 2014 after graduating from law school.

What are some of your favorite memories with Courtland?

My first Courtland Christmas party was such a fun experience! Getting to know the Courtland staff was very nice. From the very beginning, everyone was so warm and welcoming to me.

I love the time that our Courtland team spends together after working hours. During luncheons or volunteering, I love that Courtland employees appreciate each other and enjoy being together both professionally and personally.

One of my best memories of my time at Courtland is of Steve Trudell, the Owner and President. I can’t express how great of a boss he is! He is always going the extra mile for his employees. He even took time out of his busy schedule to attend the ceremony when I was sworn into the Michigan Bar Association as an Attorney.

What has been your favorite aspect of working for Courtland?

The people I work with at the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services and the type of policy consulting work I do are my favorite aspects of working for Courtland. I can’t think of a more pleasant work environment!


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