A few of our favorite things: Michelle LeFeve


What are some of your favorite memories with Courtland Consulting?

When I first started at Courtland, my first contract position was with the State of Michigan on the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System Project (MiCSES). One of my favorite memories while working with Courtland on this project was in the summer of 2000. While performing the Michigan child support system implementation in Macomb County, I had the opportunity to go for a plane ride across the area. The Enforcement Officer, Butch Wood – who was one of my trainees, was also a pilot who would leave his single prop plane in a hanger at the Macomb Airport. He took Carol Klier and myself around Mt. Clemens, over the city of Detroit and then back. It was so beautiful and exciting. I was able to see above Ford Field back when it was still being built. I will never forget that day and it was just the beginning of many wonderful experiences ahead while working at Courtland.

2000-AirplaneRide-Over-MacombCounty16thCircuitCourtAnother favorite memory I have while working at Courtland, which I am sure many agree with, were the Christmas parties that Steve would throw. They were the best Christmas parties EVER. The annual party was held at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing. These parties were legendary, even partner vendors would try to sneak in by being a Courtland employee’s date. There was dinner, dancing and drinks along with a custom sing-a-long song produced by Sharon Christman that brilliantly described how great it was to work for Steve. This was a perfect way for everyone to unwind and celebrate the long hours of system conversion and working with the counties to help the State of Michigan become federally certified.

2000-MiCSES-MacombCounty-airplaneride-MichelleButchCarolI would also love to give a shout-out to one of my favorite people to work with while employed by Courtland – Jan Merkle. Jan had a way of motivating change and making every team member feel valued. She treats State workers and vendors all as one team and allows everyone to share their ideas on the best way to accomplish tasks and goals for the betterment of the Michigan child support program. To this day, I am impressed at how much knowledge Jan has and her willingness and patience to encourage people to be there best. Thanks Jan!

Overall, what I love most about working at Courtland is hands down the family-oriented culture and diversity of the projects. Steve truly cares about each and every employee and will go out of his way to ensure the work we do is valued. Over the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity of working with hundreds of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small Michigan-based nonprofits. This has allowed me to work on a diverse number of projects and grow both personally and professionally. I could not feel more blessed to be working for Courtland. I have met so many bright people along the way and have made many long-lasting friendships.

Author:  Michelle LeFeve, Executive Director at Courtland Consulting.