Family of Talent with an Unrivaled Skillset

Founded in 1990 by Steven Trudell, Courtland has made the strengthening of families a fundamental goal and business objective. Well-known in the government consulting community, Courtland has proudly provided state and local governments with the most knowledgeable and highly qualified consultants in policy, program administration, system design, testing, customer service, web design, training, and project evaluation.

Meet the Owner

Steven Trudel

Steven Trudell, Founder and President of Courtland Consulting, used to be an old-school COBOL programmer who was fortunate to be introduced to the Health and Human Services sector early in his career. From this stemmed the motivation for his business – to use technology to solve problems and create solutions that ultimately help families and children. Steve learned the ropes of technology projects at NCR Corporation and in 1990 he established Courtland. He is a forthright, straightforward manager who believes that honesty and integrity are the only way to run a business or simply live your life. Steve loves the outdoors and he enjoys spending time with his wife, children, grandchildren, friends, and his Courtland family.

Courtland’s Community Giving

In addition to our technology services, local giving and volunteerism is woven into the fabric of Courtland’s culture. We utilize our expertise to support events and provide free seminars to nonprofits to educate them on how to engage and increase volunteerism and fundraising through web strategies. Ultimately, Courtland’s community involvement helps our clients and partners increase community resources and improve outcomes for children and families.

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The Courtland Team

Courtland Staff