Are you minding your P’s & Q’s in your business emails?


At Courtland, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer support while maintaining quick turnaround times for all of our client communications. As consultants, working on multiple projects and multiple help desks can fill up our inbox quickly and basic business email etiquette can get lost in the shuffle. Here are some processes that we use to ensure quick and professional replies in all of our business emails with the wide variety of work we do here at Courtland Consulting.

1. Set up a professional signature – This ensures that the recipients of our emails know who the email came from, how to contact us, and who we work for. It is important to give the recipient options in case they would like to contact you in another manner. It also saves you the effort of having to type out the information every time!

2. Ask for an opinion – If the email is of high importance we will ask a co-worker to go over the email with you before it is sent. Having a fresh set of eyes can help catch those tiny mistakes that are easy to miss.

3. Double check recipients – There is nothing worse than sending an email to someone who was not supposed to be included. It is very easy with the amount of contacts within our mail services to accidentally send an email to John Smith instead of John Strudell. Always double check!

4. Spell check – Proof reading emails is always a must in the professional work environment. A simple click of the spell check icon can scan the email and help point out any issues you may miss.

5. Friendly Exit – Always try to end the email with a thank you, sincerely, have a nice day, etc. It is tough to read into empathy over computer text, so having a simple friendly ending to your message can show some friendliness and appreciation in your message.

Written by Chad Trudell, Help Desk Lead for Courtland Consulting’s Creative Division.