CEDAM Website Redesign

Project Desciption

Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM) is a statewide trade association for community economic development. CEDAM partnered with the Courtland Consulting team to revamp the website to match the company’s young-and-involved personality and in the process make it easy to navigate for web users.

Courtland worked with CEDAM to consolidate all the menus into one multi-column menu, making it easier for users and administrators to navigate the large website.

The new CEDAM home page was revamped to show more information to users. The clean, colorful design helps users navigate to different sections of the site that used to be buried under multiple menus. Now, CEDAM can advertise their latest events, training, press releases, blogs, and member projects without extra clicks. In addition, the CEDAM website is heavily integrated with Wild Apricot for their membership and event management. Courtland integrated Wild Apricot through iframes making a seamless experience for users.


Client URL



Project Features

  • Web Design and Development
  • Responsive Slider
  • Wild Apricot Integration
  • Job Manager
  • Photo Gallery


Client Testimonial

“We’re so happy with the site!” – Emily Reyst, Communications and Training Associate


Before Photo