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b2ap3_thumbnail_FOCA-logo-finalThe Friend of the Court Association (FOCA) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to encourage progressive legislation, resolutions and other desirable programs representing the common interest of the children and their families involved in domestic relations problems in the State of Michigan.

The organization partnered with Courtland Consulting to achieve two main goals for their website:

  • create an effective communication tool for membership and
  • reestablish their web presence to the general public

We first started with rebranding their domain name to reflect a Michigan focus for  The Courtland Team then conducted several stakeholder strategy planning meetings with the Board, Web Committee and members of the organization to collaborate on the new web design and membership portal functionality.  The website was released in two major phases: a temporary page presence announcing the new domain name and logo update, and then following a complete web redesign release.  The end result is a professional, mobile-friendly web design that is an effective content sharing website.

The new website is a responsive web design that is interactive and includes key information for the general public and the organization’s members through a private portal. The private portal allows members to publish job opportunities to share with other members, update their member directory listing and public listing, manage member discussion topics and news using a blog, register for conferences, and post events and meetings to an online calendar.

Courtland conducted both in-person and web-based training sessions with the organization’s members and website administrators to train them on using the website and managing the content on their own.



Within the first year of launching the new website, the organization saw a 28% increase in unique visitors and a 320% increase in page hits through organic search engine traffic.


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Project Features

  • Content Management
  • Client Portal
  • Calendar
  • Job Posting Tool
  • Blog for Member Discussions and News
  • Document Management
  • Event Registration
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Membership Directory
  • Logo Design


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