Child Support System Implementation & Training

For 30 years, Courtland Consulting has worked with states and partnered with child support system design and development vendors to deliver statewide child support systems. Creating a team approach on all projects, we work with developers, state staff and the user community during the system build to ensure end user needs are heard and met resulting in services being efficiently delivered to children and families. Courtland commits to a successful rollout and implementation of the new statewide child support system for each county, region and state on every project. We provide all users with the highest quality training, including onsite and remote support leading them through a smooth transition to their new child support system.



We research current user processes and make recommendations during the system build to ensure end user needs are met. 



We determine the best rollout strategy based on research and logistics of the organization, users and regions.



We develop and deliver on-site and online training materials to users so they clearly understand the new processes.


User Support

We provide ongoing support during and after the system rollout through our knowledgeable, friendly and helpful support team.

Courtland is the Vital Link

Courtland is the vital link between the system design and development vendor and the end users. We go into every situation with an open-minded approach and evaluate all factors from a user’s point of view to ensure their voice is heard.

Courtland - Vital link for new child support systems

Based on our experience and research, we make recommendations to the developer for the best rollout solution. Because of our many years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. We are committed to supporting the end users during the entire transition process.

Clients & Partners

Courtland Consulting is highly regarded for the team approach we take on our projects. We work with many different child support professionals at the federal, state and contractor level. We believe that as author, Ken Blanchard said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Collaboration between clients and partners brings to light different perspectives based on diverse experiences and that is our key to success on any project.