Clear Website Communication in a Crisis

It is no secret that nonprofits throughout the country are critical in providing services to those that are struggling during this difficult time. It is important for these organizations to be able to both communicate with their community, and to provide necessary information to connect people with help. Much like nonprofits, small businesses are also being hit incredibly hard. Keeping customers up to date with new business hours, changing services, or simply letting people know you are still open for virtual business are just a few of the current obstacles facing nonprofits and small businesses alike. Courtland Consulting has been working to help support nonprofits and SMBs for decades, and we’ve compiled a list of things that you can add to create clear website communication during a crisis.

  1. Top Alert Bar –  Install a free WordPress plugin such as “QuickieBar” to use as a top notification bar to let people know your processes during this time, or even add a word of encouragement or a link to a resources page.  There are many plugins to choose from.  Here are  some plugin options: 25 Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins.
  2. Social Media Feed –  In times like these, social media is the “go to” place for community and resources.  You can insert a social media feed on your website home page that pulls in your twitter or facebook feed.  Go to: for plugin options.
  3. Create a Community Page –  Create a page on your website that gives people ideas and resources to help them navigate through this time.  Think of ways that you can be a team player that extends a hand to those in your community.

We're In This Together!

Courtland Will Donate 1 Hour of FREE Service

Courtland Consulting wants to help!  We will donate 1 hour of free service to help you add one or more of these items to your website.  If your website design or platform is more complicated, we can provide an estimate of how long it would take to update.  Or, we can do the minimum that fits within that hour time frame, by helping you start a resource page. 

To receive your free hour of service, fill in our contact form.  In the message include your website, and let us know what CMS you’re using.

We’re in this Together!

~ The Courtland Team