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Courtland has been around for 25 years and we are reflecting on what we cherish most about working here. I really enjoy the daily work that I do at Courtland, but it seems that every fond recollection that rises to the top is of us working together as a team, volunteering or giving back to the community.

Courtland is the first place where I have worked that puts an active emphasis on making volunteerism and giving back an integral part of the corporate culture. The President himself encourages employees to give back not only at corporate events, but to incorporate it into their personal lives as much as possible. An example of this is with our Pay It Forward $100.00 bonus that we receive every year around the holidays. We are asked to use this additional amount to thoughtfully pay it forward into our communities through random acts of kindness, giving to organizations we care about, or helping a friend that may be down on their luck. It is amazing to see how that extra $100.00 has changed not only the lives of those we have given to, but our own lives as well. Personally, I carry this experience with me throughout the year, thinking of new ways that I can brighten someone’s day, help out someone less fortunate, or give some of my time or talent to help others.

But it is the volunteering and giving back as a group that I think is such a win-win for companies and communities alike. At Courtland, we have come together as a group and helped out at the local Mid-Michigan Miracle League Baseball Game for kids with disabilities, sorted food at the Greater Lansing Food Bank, made dinner for families at the local Ronald McDonald houses, participated in multiple charity walks as a group and provided free seminars to non-profits. We get to give back to our community while building relationships with our colleagues. We build employee morale while putting a spotlight on those things in the community that mean the most to Courtland: helping children and strengthening families.

Take this opportunity and these examples and think about ways that you and your company can give back. Think about those things that mean the most to you and where your personal gifts, time and talents could best be utilized. There are so many worthy causes that could use a helping hand and your staff will form the kind of connections that will last a lifetime! Visit our Courtland Community page to see all of the organizations that our Courtland Family has helped and get INSPIRED!

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