Meet the Courtland Family

We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of the Courtland Family and work alongside this great group of people. We love what we do and are ready and willing to lend a helping hand.  Try us, you’ll see why so many clients love working with Courtland!

Some of our Team Members...

Steve Trudell Steve Trudell
Steve Trudell


The hard-working guy in charge who brought Courtland to life!

Chad Trudell Chad Trudell
Chad Trudell


Chad is the office ping-pong champion. You need help with a project? Chad is the detail guy that will knock it out of the park!

Sharon Pizzuti Sharon Pizzuti
Sharon Pizzuti


Our super smart child support guru… so smart she’s been on the board of national child support associations.

Holly Shafer Holly Shafer
Holly Schafer


Holly is the brains behind the curtain.  If you have a problem, she can come up with a solution, even if it’s duct tape.

Melissa Sellers Melissa Sellers
Melissa Sellers


Your friendly customer support person on the other end of the phone who makes a mean chocolate sheetcake.

Scott Eder Scott Eder
Scott Eder


Scott works hard to make sure our clients are satisfied and feel like a part of the family.  Also, our resident movie quote expert.

Chris Wurm Chris Wurm
Chris Wurm


Don’t let him fool you, Chris is a big teddy bear underneath.  Chris is one of our “keep it on track” project managers.

PT Phan PT Phan
Michelle LeFeve


Michelle is an energetic project manager and technology consultant who enjoys project adventures and overcoming challenges. She also loves a good mountain bike adventure!

Anita Bilek Anita Bilek
Anita Bilek


Anita always has a friendly smile (well, we caught her off-guard this time).  Anita is another child support guru, with a sharp mind for system security.