Meet the Courtland Team

At Courtland, we are dedicated to providing you with a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments. Our project management team holds PMP certification, while our trainers have achieved ATD designations and certifications. Additionally, our child support project team includes individuals who hold important roles with child support associations. We believe that investing in our staff’s ongoing education and professional development translates to better outcomes for our clients. You can trust that our team will bring their best to every project, every time.


our Team Members...

Chad Trudell

Chad is a passionate leader supporting our mission to serve, support and inspire children, families and our partners. He drives our commitment to build a brighter future by prioritizing collaboration, innovation, and dedication to improve all communities.

Chad Trudell


Steve Trudell

The hard-working guy who brought Courtland to life! Steve is now enjoying the retired life with his family and friends.

Steve Trudell

President Emeritus

Sharon Pizzuti

Sharon is a builder of relationships, connections, and content. Her passion for teaching what she learns and giving what she has inspires her to lead, follow, join and lift others along the journey.

Sharon Pizzutti

Michelle Lefeve Headshot

Michelle is an energetic project manager and technology consultant who enjoys project adventures and overcoming challenges. She also loves a good mountain bike adventure!

Michelle LeFeve

Anthony Sessions picture

Anthony is a dedicated Project Manager and multi-disciplined asset who believes collaboration and open communication are what make projects successful. He‘s also an avid outdoorsman and loves to cook, as food brings people together.

Anthony Sessions

Marcia is a learning and development consultant with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of training and training management. When she’s not presenting somewhere on something, she’s volunteering for Rebuilding Together or off hiking in the Appalachians.

Marcia Witt

Chris Wurm headshot

Chris is one of our project managers who excels in orchestrating complex endeavors. With a keen eye for detail, he keeps projects on track while juggling each moving piece. Off duty, Chris enjoys wheeling on the ice and hitting the links.

Chris Wurm

Gary is a dedicated Child Support professional with expertise in Implementation and Site Support. He is always ready to provide the best possible solutions, whether he's in a state office or a music trivia competition!

Gary Gamble

Anita Bilek headshot

Anita is a training manager with background in analysis, application and customer support who loves finding innovative ways to help members of the child support community learn and grow in their professions. She loves spring, summer, and fall camping.

Anita Bilek

Scott Eder headshot

Scott is an enthusiastic communications professional with a tech sales and marketing background. When he’s not networking, writing, or pickleballing, he’s helping our clients and quoting The Office.

Scott Eder

Beth Friar head shot

Beth enjoys brain teasers, like designing and developing training materials that clearly speak to all generations. She also loves live music, and any activity in the great outdoors.

Beth Friar

Frederick Visser head shot

Frederick is a customer service and consulting pro with a strong communication background. When not working, he immerses himself in gaming, reading, and the great outdoors, finding inspiration in every adventure, whether IRL or virtually.

Frederick Visser

Zach Towslee head shot

Zach is a resourceful implementation manager who emphasizes a coaching style to help the team succeed. He is a quick study and will gladly share his knowledge of soccer to all who listen.

Zach Towslee

Jamie is a training consultant and curriculum creator. Her favorite part of the job is witnessing the spark when someone grasps a new skill. Off the clock, Jamie is a karaoke-singing, hiking enthusiast with an extensive Elvis Presley collection.

Jamie Eichenberg

Lisa’s professional goal is to help others learn, grow, and succeed. As a training manager, trainer, and instructional designer, she achieves her goal while pursuing her love of photography, writing, and yoga.

Lisa Stuchell

Brooke is a passionate experienced IT professional always exploring new technology that improves project efficiency and user experience. In her free time, she likes to casually climb mountains.

Brooke Noble

Melissa provides friendly customer support and end-user testing on the Catamaran project. In her free time, Melissa loves to travel and to spend time with her family, including a husband, kids and two dogs.

Melissa Sellers

Owen Bryant

Owen is a consultant and has interest and expertise in learning development. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his cat, going on outdoor adventures, writing, and serving as VP of the Board for a local community theatre company.

Owen Bryant

Lisa is known as the "child support encyclopedia" due to her experience working in child support for over 30 years. When she isn't writing and designing training, sharing her knowledge, or training staff, she spends her time with her family and her puppy, Beau.

Lisa Bender

Haritha Bodiga head shot

Haritha is a quality assurance expert, making sure all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted and the system is working as designed on the Michigan Child Support Project.

Haritha Bodiga

Katie Sullivan head shot

Katie is a detail-oriented training team member with a passion for building and creating. As one of our training support personnel, she oversees virtual classes, attendance, and certificates. Outside work, she enjoys DIY projects and is a secret nerd.

Katie Sullivan

Holly Schafer head shot

Holly is a people person who can talk tech. She is our human resource manager and provides quality assurance and help desk support to Catamaran. She is happiest enjoying the outdoors, live music, or both, which is the best!

Holly Schafer

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