How to Help our Courtland Team be a Part of your Team

Courtland Team - Let us be a part of your team

Our Courtland creative team’s goals are to be an extension of your team.  Don’t have a developer on your team, but want to add a little pizzazz to your website?  We have one that can help.  Need a data migration or conversion or a web service programmed but don’t have a programmer on staff?  We have one that can help. Have a graphic design project, but don’t have anyone on staff that has the knack?  We have graphic designers that can add that special touch.  Our passion is to help you complete those projects that you might not have the expertise for.  To help us work seamlessly with your team, here are some things to think about when coming to us with your projects or issues.

Clearly state your needs

Whether it’s building a new website or repairing the connection between two computer systems in your office, it’s crucial to be clear and detailed in describing what you need help with.

What exactly does the new tool need to be able to do?  Or roughly how many images do you expect to be in your image gallery?  Or what are the exact symptoms of the problem that you are reporting?

Our website team can help you narrow down what you are seeking and get it clearly stated and agreed to. But you can help them by being as clear and specific as you can.

Mention problems early

Our team can’t fix a problem if they don’t know it exists. Let them know right away when you encounter an issue. The sooner they know, the sooner they can address it, and the happier you will be!

Be willing to take advice

You hired consultants to provide you with professional services. While you are the expert on what you want and need, they are the experts on how to get you there. They may also have some ideas you haven’t thought of. Be willing to listen and think outside the box.

Realistic budget

Price would not be your only criterion for other aspects of your operation, and it shouldn’t be your only criterion for your website and IT needs. You want professionals who will get the job done right and stand behind their work.

Ask questions

If you don’t know what to expect, or don’t understand something, ask! It’s better to ask now than to be confused later. Our team will be happy to explain things to you, and to work with you to get answers to your questions.

Keep track of technical information

How much do you know about your current website or computer systems? You pay people to manage them, but some information is crucial for you to at least possess, just as you are not a real estate agent but you have a copy of the deed to your building.

A great example (and one that frequently comes up as a problem for clients) is your website’s domain name (like Who is your domain name registrar? What is the username and password to your account with that domain name registrar? You will need that information if you (or your website team) need to move your website to a new host computer. Not having this information (or not being able to recover it easily) can create delays and expenses. Your domain name is a valuable business or organizational asset. You don’t need to know how the DNS system works (though that can’t hurt!) but you do need to have the necessary information to make changes to your domain name setup.

What’s included?

Make sure you understand what’s included in the services that you request. For example, is SEO (search engine optimization) included with your new website? If so, what, specifically, does it include?

Coming to the end of a project and finding that something you expected to be done was never even considered part of the work is not a good experience. If you don’t know, ask, and be sure it’s spelled out in your quote or contract!

Stay in touch!

Our creative team is your partner, so don’t be strangers! Keep in touch, and let us celebrate your successes with you.

Written by Greg Holmes.  Greg is our lead programmer on our Courtland Creative Team.