Custom Newsletter Design

custom designed and developed newsletter

Custom newsletter design and development may sound like an easy task for designers skilled in HTML/CSS. But the problem isn’t with designing eye-catching graphics. It’s in the platforms the email is being viewed on.

When developing an email newsletter, one must learn to work around the restrictions of multiple platforms: web-based emails, desktop installed emails, mobile devices, and various web browsers.

In general web-based emails are awesome to work with, your newsletter will look phenomenal because  of CSS! Then, you will soon realize your CSS does not apply to the desktop installed email client…extreme bummer, all that CSS work and nothing takes. This is where finding a designer with extensive front-end smarts comes in handy!

OAC (Obesity Action Coalition) – like many of our clients – reached out to Courtland Consulting due to the specifics stated above. OAC wanted a custom designed email newsletter template that would look great on ALL platforms. And the newsletter must be developed in the Salsa Engage CRM.

After many hours of development and extensive testing across platforms, the newsletter looks fantastic…from desktop to web to mobile.

If you’re looking to update your newsletter, reach out to Courtland Consulting.