Custom Programming: Custom Solutions for your Website and Beyond

Whether you know it or not, your website is powered by computer programming: lists of instructions in a computer readable language, that tell a computer what to do. For example, the popular website content management system WordPress was (and is) programmed using a computer language called PHP.

Using existing software (such as WordPress) saves everyone a lot of time and money, versus programming a website’s functionality completely from scratch each time.

Sometimes though, there just isn’t any existing software that does everything that you need.

  • Your organization’s workflow and needs may be different from most others in your field.
  • You may need to get separate computer systems to “talk” to each other and exchange information, and there are no existing connectors to accomplish this for your combination of systems.
  • You may find that your long search (and trials) of off the shelf systems still hasn’t turned up something that solves your problems and meets your organization’s needs.

That’s where Courtland comes in. Our custom programming experience will adapt your software to the way that you work, instead of you having to adapt the way you work to your software.

Whether it’s creating custom functionality for your website, automating a tedious and error prone process in your office, or integrating your website with a great new cloud service that you are using, Courtland can help tame your software and workflow tangles.

Stay tuned; in our next few installments, we’ll talk about a few specific cases where Courtland used custom programming to help an organization focus on excelling at their mission, instead of working around off-the-shelf software limitations!