The Domino Effect: Why Writing a Blog is a Good Idea

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Changing Your “To-Do” List

As business owners, time is a precious commodity you don’t want to waste.  You have a fairly decent website, so why bother with the unnecessary extras of writing a blog?  To be honest, the idea of writing a blog has already been filed in your Not-To-Do List.

What you don’t understand is the value that a blog can bring to your website and your customers.  I know what you’re thinking:  “Who reads them anyways? “  You may have a point… or perhaps you’ve missed the point altogether.  The point is you want to write a valuable enough blog that your customers do take the time to read it and it does add substantial value to your business.

How Writing a Blog Can Start a Chain Reaction

Blogs, if used correctly, can trigger a marketing domino effect.  This little morsel is a powerful enough reason on its own to get you thinking twice about why you decided to abandon the blog idea.

Sitting down and writing a blog is the very first domino you push in the online marketing chain. Down goes domino #1. The next step is to create a chain reaction!  You do this by following the first domino with the second domino, which is your email marketing.  You create an e-Newsletter that you send to your customers that includes a brief summary of your blog and then link it to that blog page on your website.  Down goes domino #2.

From there, the road gets even easier.  Now, you write a short teaser sentence with a link to your blog and post it on facebook.  Down goes domino #3.   Next, you tweet a short description along with a link to your blog post on twitter.  Down goes domino #4.  You can also copy and paste this blog post content into an article on Linkedin.  Down goes domino #5.

Given the fact that your blog topic generates enough interest, customers will click on the links from all these various marketing platforms in order to read your blog.  This is the domino that brings them full circle back to your website. Down goes domino #6

The BIG Takeaway

At this point, hopefully you understand the firepower that a single blog post can place in your marketing arsenal.   Although switching from dominoes to killer marketing might be a bit of a stretch, don’t overlook the power of the domino effect in your marketing strategy.  Writing a blog is a good idea because it allows you to create powerful connection points to your customers using multiple marketing platforms.

Need Help Writing Blogs?

We understand you’re busy, and writing a blog can seem overwhelming.  Why not allow the marketing experts at Courtland Consulting to help you with your blog?  Our marketing team can write intriguing and captivating blog posts that can be easily integrated into your social media and email marketing campaigns.   Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Written by Graphic Artist and Web Developer Kally Stehouwer