Fall is Web Season!


September Web Collage

Over the last year we have begun recognizing #webanniversaries for our clients. We like to be able to spotlight the great organizations we work with and what they do; because we they’re awesome!  In September, we have 6 anniversaries if customers who created or updated their site. This month, we recognize #webanniversaries for Professional Billing, Have Mercy, Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals, Rochester Conservatory of Music , Winston & Damman Attorneys & Counselors at Law , and Michigan Directors of Services to the Aging .

This made us realize two things:  1. We are blessed to be able to partner with a diverse range of  nonprofits and organizations, (which we love!)   2. As we all know, there is tax season, there is planting season, a shopping season, so September must be Web Season!  The last quarter of the year is a great time to take stock of your marketing activities. You can evaluate what has worked this year and what may need to be changed. Digital marketing is more important every year.  This process should include taking stock of your website and identifying whether it just needs tweaking or is it in need of a full overhaul?

Your website is a silent marketer for your organization. It is a business asset that can work hard to spread awareness both about what you do and how you can help potential clients achieve desired business outcomes. However, using the same sales pitch year after year can start to get stale.  The tools and the message need to be refreshed to keep your existing clients happy and to help you garner attention from new potential customers.

For over 29 years, Courtland Consulting has helped organizations like yours effectively market and communicate the benefits you provide to your customers and community alike. We provide the best web design & implementation, with the industry experts to back it up. After all, isn’t that what you and your clients deserve?