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Eaton County needed a First Time Offenders informational video to assist juvenile officers in delivering a classroom-style presentation about Eaton County’s First Time Offenders Program. The client had already established that the video would feature student actors from the Maple Valley Schools district and be integrated into the drama class curriculum. They hoped to present a “day-in-the-life” format, showing the impacts of crime on a person’s life and future.

Courtland’s team came through with a compelling script that synthesized a dramatization of a young person being booked for his first offense, a court hearing, and testimonial interviews from actual inmates. Courtland’s consultants wrote the script, produced, directed, shot video, edited, composed an original soundtrack and designed the DVD cover for the production. The final product has helped program officers in presenting a reality-based perspective about juvenile crime to first-time youth offenders and their families.


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