8 Tips on How To Write a GREAT Newsletter

Courtland Consulting - 8 Tips on How to Write a Great Newsletter

8 Tips on How to Write a GREAT Newsletter

A newsletter is a great opportunity to keep in touch, and to consistently get your name and services in front of your customers. Just taking the time to write a newsletter, however, doesn’t mean it’s going to work miracles for your business and actually be effective.  You need to strategically design your newsletter so that it’s more than words on a page, or in your case, words in an email. 

To do this, your newsletter content needs to be magnetic and infused with a purpose that naturally connects you to your customers.  The end goal of your newsletter is to build greater customer engagement and loyalty.  In simple terms, you want a customer for life… and building that type of relationship takes creativity and work.

Below are 8 helpful tips to writing a more engaging and effective newsletter to better plug in and connect to your customers:

1.   Intriguing Subject Line

If your email subject line doesn’t grab people’s attention, then most likely your newsletter will be discarded into the “unopened” email corner, left to gather dust.  Or, worse yet, it will find its way into the dreaded, dark and dingy trash bin.  (In other words, all that work for nothing!)

2.  NO Boring Content Allowed

If your email is about “blah, blah, blah” then who wants to read it?  Start with a compelling headline, and follow it up with juicy, helpful tidbits that your customers are hungry for.

In other words, don’t serve your customers bland, no-salt-added vegetables that spark absolutely no interest.  Instead, give them a juicy burger with all the fixin’s and top it off with a slice of homemade cherry pie.  Give them one big, interesting piece, and then end your email with something sweet and rewarding.

3.  Engaging Action Steps

Take your readers on a journey.  Don’t leave them on the doorstep where you found them.  How can you bring them through the doors and offer them an opportunity to engage?  Can you follow up what you started with another piece on your website? 

As good practice, always follow through with your newsletter by ending with an action step. Never leave your reader standing at the doorway with nowhere to go.  The goal is to provide a natural progression and to eventually lead your customer down a road that leads to conversion.

4.  Memory Hooks

Think of a creative way to make your newsletter more sticky and memorable.  Try to include one small memory hook in your newsletter.  It can be a funny quote, an inspiring, unbelievable story, or an image that relays a powerful message (maybe an infographic?).  Use your imagination, but you want something that naturally sticks to your customer’s memory bank… and hopefully, makes a good enough impression that they want to share it with a friend. 

5.  Captivating Images

A picture says a thousand words.  Don’t just stuff your newsletter to the brim with words. Use other creative techniques to relay your message.  Keep in mind that most of us are visually-minded. Graphics, icons and other visually appealing elements take your newsletter up a notch and add a whole new level of interest. Just the right graphic or captivating image can transform a good message into a stunningly GREAT message!

6.  Helpful & Fun Videos

No more excuses.  Now that you can create a video by simply pressing the video icon on your phone, there is no reason not to include some short snippet of video every now and then in your newsletter to add yet another creative edge.  It may be a quick story, or sharing a memorable moment with your staff, or interviewing a volunteer, or a “how-to”, or a “what to look out for”, or a “bet ya didn’t know… ”, or a “this is what happens when…”,  or a million other ideas.  

Today, quality videos no longer require a professional videographer. In fact, the more off-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment and real the video is, the more it seems to be embraced. Use your own videos to capture and share the moments, or share an inspiring or helpful video on youtube. 

7.   “Share an Idea” Corner

Another great tip is to dedicate a section of your newsletter to sharing thoughts and ideas.  This enables and encourages more customer engagement.  In your “Idea Corner”, you can highlight a specific topic and pose a question that your customers can respond to. Then, you can share those responses and awesome ideas in your next newsletter.  The goal is to connect to your customers on a personal, more relatable level, and also to give them a voice.  You’re not just selling a product, you’re building a community.

8.   Facebook Community Group Link

Speaking of communities, why not start a Facebook community group focused on your industry?  In creating a community environment, you’re building trust and yet one more connection point.  Remember, your goal is to build customer engagement and loyalty.  You can’t do this by distancing yourself from your customers. Instead, you need to find a way to get into their world, so that you’re the one they come to for ideas and solutions.

Hopefully these 8 “out-of-the-box” newsletter tips inspire you to dig in and take your newsletter to the next level.  The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas on how you can use your newsletter to inspire greater customer interest and interaction.  The key is to step out of the mundane, traditional newsletter mode, and add some thoughtful design and creative elements to your newsletter so that it’s fun, inspiring, relatable, and engaging.  Don’t just make you newsletter okay, make it GREAT!

Need Help?

Need help writing your next over-the-top newsletter?  Contact us today for a FREE consultation.  On a different but similar note, since you’re already writing a newsletter, have you thought about writing a blog? Check out this article: The Domino Effect:  Why Writing a Blog is a Good Idea.

Infographic and Blog Post Created by Graphic Artist and Web Developer Kally Stehouwer