Helping our customers and giving back to the Joomla community

Joomla Community

Many of our website clients have Joomla-powered websites. Joomla is a free and open source CMS (content management system). The Joomla community has an active user base and a great selection of add-ons to enhance its abilities.

Many of those websites use EasyBlog – a popular Joomla add-on (“component”, in Joomla-speak) that provides powerful blogging and commenting capability to Joomla.

EasyBlog has many features.

One feature that EasyBlog didn’t have previously, was the ability to send notification emails to all members when a new comment is posted to a blog. This was an essential feature for several of our customers. At Courtland, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a website uniquely tailored to their needs. Not one to shy away from a challenge, our programmer Greg Holmes, customized EasyBlog and added this capability. He also added a handy setting in the admin area for the component, to turn this feature on or off.

Some of our clients used EasyBlog as a discussion tool for their members. This feature was very beneficial for them since it allowed all of their members to stay up to date on the discussions in their own timeframe. Everyone lived happily ever after… until an update of EasyBlog. In one of Easyblog’s updates to improve the functionality and architecture of their component, the architecture changes made our previous customizations stop working. It would take a new programming effort on our part, to customize it again.

We decided that this was a perfect opportunity to both meet our customers’ needs and give back to the Joomla community. We paid the makers of EasyBlog to make this change officially this time in their updated software. Now future versions of EasyBlog will all have this feature available – if desired. EasyBlog “out of the box” can now be configured so that all users can get an email when a new comment is posted. This feature can also be turned off for those users of EasyBlog that don’t desire this functionality. It’s a good feeling to give back to the Joomla community! We like making good tools even better, to better serve our clients.