How Google Analytics can Help your Small Business Succeed

Small Business Owners are always looking for tools and resources to make their to-do list shorter. Your website is one of those tools that helps to get your message out to the clients you serve. But like most other tools, they must remain sharp to work their best. To get the most out of your small business website, you should be using Google Analytics to get a better picture of your website performance. 

The best way to do this, is to put Google Analytics on your website.  It’s free, and easy to install on your site.  But setting up Google Analytics is just the beginning.  As a small business, you are probably wearing several hats at once and you don’t have a lot of spare time to roll your sleeves up and dig into a bunch of reports.  But taking a bit of time to look at the data could pay dividends to your company and perhaps grow your small business. 

How?  Well, the data you look at in your Google Analytics account can help you better understand your customer and their needs a bit more clearly, which in turn can help you turn your website into a more profitable and more frequently visited place…which is a great way to grow your small business!  Here are our recommendations for the top 5 actionable insights you can get from your Google Analytics account, once it is installed on your website:

  1. Where is your website traffic coming from?

Take some time to look through Acquisition Overview report and Traffic Referral reports will let you know where your customers are finding you.  Are certain keywords driving a lot of traffic to your website from search engines, or are visitors coming to your site from your Facebook page? Are they clicking on your paid search ads, or did they click through from another website that shared your recent blog post?

  1. What are the pages and links your visitors click on?

Look at what pages and links your visitors click on the most.  What are your popular pages? Is it the home page, or a specific product page, or your blog?  You can see the pages that are getting the most traffic, and you can learn which pages aren’t getting the traffic you would like to see and optimize them.

  1. How long do visitors stay on your site?

This is great information, so you can learn more about your potential customers.  Are they reading blogs, filling out a RFQ, or watching a video that you posted?  Great! The longer they stay engaged on your site, the more likely they are to become a repeat visitor.

  1. Bounce Rate

Looking at your bounce rate will give insight as to whether people are finding what they need when they click through to your website.  If your bounce rate is high, that may indicate that people aren’t immediately seeing what they want (or they don’t like what they see) when they get to the landing page you sent them to.  Do you have a clear call to action, does your page look clean? Make sure your customer knows what they need to do on the page, and make it an easy process for them.

  1. Social Media

Are you getting any traffic from your social media site(s)?  For small businesses – your Facebook page or Twitter feed may be a main source of advertising for you…how is that going?  Try looking at the Social Media Performance and Trends report generated by GA to get some insight into your results and traffic that come from your social media pages.

If you need help with Google Analytics, whether it’s with setting it up and getting the code installed on your site, or whether you need help deciphering the reports, give Courtland Consulting a call and let us help you find out all you need to know to grow your business and be successful!