How To Give Your Website A Festive Makeover

Courtland logo festive makeover


We’re almost into the festive season now, with Thanksgiving just around the corner you’re probably thinking about ways to create some holiday cheer. What about giving your website a full-on festive makeover? There’s no better and easier way to spread some cheer this holiday season, than adding some fun and cheerful bells and whistles to your web design. Check out these 5 ways to spruce up your website.

Change Your Logo

At Courtland, we love changing our logo to match the upcoming holiday or events. Here are some examples of how we have designed festive or event specific logos.

Courtland Holiday Logos

Where’s Santa Claus?

Ever heard of where’s Wally? Why not create a similar adventure on your website but with Santa Claus? Tell all of your customers and followers on social media about the unexpected visitor on your pages and get them to let you know when they’ve found him. You could even give away a small prize to the fan that finds him first! Think of it like a digital scavenger hunt. Just make sure you hide him well enough so that the game lasts until Christmas.

Holiday Social Media Icons

Spice up your social media icons by framing them with mistletoe, wrapping them in a bow or sprinkling them with glitter. Whatever you think will add that little bit of charm and still embody your brand. You can get premade icons like this on most graphic and vector websites or contact Courtland and we will decorate your logo for you.

Christmas Countdown

What’s more Christmas spirited than your very own Christmas countdown? Add one to your navigation bar or footer for extra impact.

Banner Image

Your website banner is a great way to add some festive cheer! Include a slide that talks about how your company celebrates the holidays, group photos at a Christmas party, or other ways you give to your community, the more personal, the better!

As always, if you need any help with your own web based projects, like a festive makeover for your site, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to help!