State of New Jersey Child Support Project


Courtland Consulting has provided implementation and customer support services to the New Jersey Division of Family Development NJKiDS Child Support Project since 2006. Our primary role is to prepare the users for conversion to the new NJKiDS application and provide user support following the conversion to assure proficiency and productivity. Courtland’s experienced team worked closely with their State counterparts on preparation activities which included:

  • Branding of project name and outreach effort in every county which initiated open communication and provided the start to change management activities for the new NJKiDS application.
  • Critical preparation activity of an Application Impact Analysis that tracked the changes and impacts from the old application processes to the new and resulted in a revised and improved workflow.
  • Assurance of implementation readiness by performing data cleanup tracking, establishing county office liaisons, identifying potential risks, project management and on-site, pre-conversion support.

The Courtland Team identified appropriate ratios with which to staff the implementation and training support effort. New Jersey benefitted from Courtland’s implementation experience by having support staff on board and trained at the right time, ensuring that quality support was available during and after rollout. Our current role on the NJKiDS Project is providing on-going maintenance customer support for the New Jersey child support user community. In addition, our child support expert staff is frequently called upon to deliver system updates and lectures on changes to the state and federal requirements governing child support.