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NCSEA 2019

Traveling soon to the 2019 NCSEA Policy Forum knowing its my favorite child support conference of the year. I’m excited to receive content from colleagues across the nation.

When I started in child support at 18 years old, I asked my boss, “how do I understand where my work fits in the big picture?” His response was for me to go to the Michigan Family Support Council Conference and learn everything I could about IV-D, IV-A and IV-E since each federal program served families and that is what the “Friend of the Court” does. When I went to my first “state conference”, the federal OCSE Commissioner was speaking and I was in awe thinking about how one person could take on the responsibility for every state child support program. I made a promise that I would learn as much as I could about the people who were in this position and the people who work for them so I could understand what child support leadership was all about. I was inspired and driven to be the best child support worker I could be.

I’ve never shied away from telling someone where I work, because I know the work is noble and the families we serve are in need of sound advice, help and policies and laws to support them. The idea of having an ear and a voice in policy making is what pushed me to attend national and regional conferences.

The NCSEA Policy Conference allows all of the decision makers and influencers to gather and learn from one another in a humble and honorable fashion. This year, I will once again be inspired by the leadership to be the best I can be and continue to do work that is noble and needed! Thank you to my employer, Courtland Consulting, for supporting my lifelong love of learning and growing in child support and my commitment to serving families and children. If you feel the same way, then the NCSEA Policy Forum is for you! See you in DC 2/7-2/9/19!

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