Integrate your Website with your CRM

Integrate your Website with your CRM


Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. For instance, did you know that you can use the space bar to scroll down a page? Go ahead, try it, it works! And then when you want to come back to where you started, hit the space bar and the shift key at the same time…amazing right?? Well, first off, you’re welcome. But secondly, that little tip that I never knew until I started researching for this blog truly shows that there are things we don’t know that we don’t know. One thing that we HOPE you know (and if you don’t, you will by the end of this) CRM website integration can make a huge difference for your organization. There are a range of benefits in having these two be friends, so if you didn’t know this, you will soon!

Can Your CRM and Website be friends?

The purpose of a CRM system is to track and manage your organization’s interactions with its contacts (whether those are customers, clients, donors, etc.). That’s works fine for the traditional scenario of a call center or in person representative talking to a person and typing notes directly into the CRM. But, you probably use systems outside of your CRM. Like, say, your website to interact with people too. How do those interactions get tracked within your CRM?

There might be an existing integration available for your website software, to let it talk to your CRM. But what if there isn’t? Or what if existing CRM integrations don’t do everything that you need them to? Or if they don’t fit with the way you use your CRM? Don’t stop there, check with your website provider or a trusted web developer.

Salesforce Integration

This was the case for one of our clients, a prominent non-profit organization. They were tracking almost every interaction. Interactions like member signups, membership renewals, paid job postings from members, and donations, within Salesforce. We were building a new website for them, and they wanted all of these activities on the website to automatically update Salesforce. They also wanted it to work within their existing workflow. New signups on the website should create contacts and organizations. Signups and renewals should create opportunities (for the next renewal) and close old opportunities. Job postings should create assets, and donations should create donation records and link them to new or existing contacts.

No pre-existing integration for their website CMS came anywhere close to doing everything they needed when it came to integrating with Salesforce.

Fortunately, most CRMs provide a way for programmers to write software that connects to the CRM, and Salesforce is no exception. Courtland created customized integration for the website that worked every step of the way, to tightly couple their website with their Salesforce account and all of their existing workflow.

Need the actions on your website to be reflected in your CRM? Haven’t found an existing integration that can do the job? Get in touch with Courtland; we can help.