Is your mobile site keeping pace?

Mobile site load times image

I recently read an article from Think with Google, talking about mobile site load times. Average load times for mobile sites are dropping, but it said there is still more work to be done.  In their research for the article, they learned the longer it takes for your page to load, the higher the bounce rate for your mobile site.  So, what are things you can do to make sure your mobile site is keeping pace?

With a quick search on Google, you can find several tools to help you test the speed of your mobile site. PageSpeedInsights and GTMetrix are two of the tools our team uses to help our clients improve mobile site load times. Below are some of the examples of suggestions you might get from these tools to help improve the speed of your site.

Eliminate Render Blocking Java Script and CSS – These changes can be tricky and can affect other things than just the speed of your site.  If your site uses a content management system,  verify making these changes doesn’t break other aspects of your site.

Leverage Browser Caching -this allows your site to use previously cached copies of your site from your computer, rather than going over the network every time.

Optimize Images – Each image on your site should be formatted and compressed.

Server Response Time –  Slow server response time can have many different causes. But, if this is a consistent issue and you are on a shared server, you should investigate upgrading your hosting package to a more robust server configuration.

When looking over the recommendations from the tools and deciding which changes to incorporate, there is one thing to note:  this is one test that you might not want the A+.  The fastest performing website would be the one-page static website circa 1995 with one paragraph of content. Not sure we’re all aspiring to that with our 2018 website. You don’t want to sacrifice important content and functionality to have the fastest website.  You want your site to the fastest it can be, without losing all your bells and whistles.

If all of the above sounded like Greek to you, we are happy to be your translator!  Courtland’s Creative Team specializing in keeping our client’s sites in tip top shape.