Joomla Updates and Security Releases


Joomla updates


Like all good software projects, Joomla regularly releases joomla updates to address performance and security issues. (You should be worried about software that doesn’t do this.)

On October 9, the Joomla project released Joomla 3.8.13, a security update. The release announcement is here:

It fixes five security vulnerabilities. They are marked as “low priority”, but one of them, under some circumstances, can allow an attacker to send out spam through your website!

We always recommend installing the latest security updates for your CMS. The best way to upgrade – shameless plug here – is to engage an experienced company like us, Courtland Consulting, to upgrade your Joomla website and extensions. We will handle the process start to finish, resolve any issues or conflicts, and ensure that your website is working well afterward.

If you want to upgrade your website yourself, make sure you take good backups first, in case something breaks. Upgrade your extensions, and then the core Joomla system. If there were any extensions that wouldn’t upgrade previously (because they required a newer version of Joomla to do so), upgrade those after you have upgraded Joomla. Don’t forget to look at your theme and upgrade that too if possible. Make sure to test your website’s functions after the upgrades – you want to find and fix any problems before your clients, customers, employees, or members do!

Keep your website up to date, and stay safe! Want to learn more? Check out Our Thoughts for more of Courtland Insights.