LAPS for Lansing Virtual Fundraiser

LAPS for Lansing image

First Annual LAPS for Lansing virtual race a success!

We decided to create a virtual race website tool, (which turned out awesome if we do say so ourselves).  If we could build it quickly, we could use it to give back to the community with a new virtual race fundraiser. We chose two worthy nonprofits in the Lansing area. To ensure our fundraiser took place this summer, we gave ourselves 30 days to name, brand and create the event, and then build the website. 

Our timeline started June 2nd.  July 25th was set as the starting date for the event. If we hit our development goal, that left us less than 30 days to get the word out, get sponsors on board and raise some money. It would require teamwork, quick research and planning, and spot on web development. But that is just what we do here at Courtland on each and every project, and this virtual fundraiser was no different! We were excited to be able to help out two nonprofits in the Lansing area, Impression 5 Science Center and Michigan Youth Arts . Though we didn’t reach our goal of $5000, we think $3,415 is amazing in that short time frame. We will be splitting the proceeds between these two great organizations.

Our success wouldn’t have happened without the help of the great organizations that stepped up to be our sponsors. 

Lansing Podiatry an “Olive Burger” sponsor and we so appreciated their support! Maninder Deswal and Brad Hammersley at Lansing Podiatry and their team are great to work with. They are caring doctors that can get to the root of all of your foot and ankle concerns.

Our Capitol Sponsors included Mid Michigan Heating & AirAcme Home ExteriorsSmeak Real Estate CompanySelleck Electric, LLC. They are all great at what they do and dedicated to giving back to the communities they serve! Thank you all for your support.

Would you like to hear more about our Virtual Fundraiser tool and how we can customize it for you event? Let’s talk.