LAPS Virtual Event Marketing

Social Media Marketing for LAPS Virtual Race

In the age of social media, an event cannot be successful without an online presence. ESPECIALLY if the event is a virtual race. This is especially true now that we’ve come to terms with this “new normal”. More than ever, people are utilizing the internet as a way to communicate, socialize, and to stay updated with friends and family. So using social media posting for your virtual event marketing is crucial.

What is LAPS for Lansing

LAPS for Lansing is a virtual event that raises money for youth art and science programs in the Lansing and surrounding areas. Like many fundraisers, LAPS look to donors and participants to raise the funds. To appeal to donors, LAPS must build a social audience to showcase our supportive donors and their businesses. Essentially, the bigger the audience the more businesses will want to be donors.

Social Integration

To keep the event fun and interactive and to draw more participants, LAPS built a hands-on website for its users. Users can register as a single runner or as part of a team. Time can be recorded and be displayed on the frontend of the race website – users are encouraged to use their time as bragging rights.

Although LAPS has a social presence on the major social platforms, we decided to focus on Instagram as it is a more visual outlet. To keep it an interactive event, we opted to use #LAPSforLansing as a way for participants to be virtually together. Participants from all over Instagram will show up on LAPS’s Instagram feed as soon as they add the tag to their posts – keep in mind this only works if the user’s IG account is a public account.

Building an Audience

This was LAPS first annual run. And we had merely a month to build up an audience, so we approached it with high density daily posting. The reason is to collect enough data in a week to see which days and times work best and which hashtags garner the most engagement. But it’s not just posting at the right time and using the right tags, it’s also using quality photos that would appeal to the demographic.

So the magical equation is time + hashtags + quality visual = large following. But just like anything else, there are variables that are outside of our control, such as the attitude of current events and social economics. These things change all the time. A good social media marketer will need to learn to adapt and create quality content that follow social “vibes”.

Want to learn more about LAPS for Lansing? Check out our blog about the event here! Need help with social media marketing for your virtual event? Give us a call at  517-908-3951.