Let’s Chat about Chatbots

Chatbot ImageLive chat systems have become a popular option for messaging with customers, clients, and partners. Live chat is an effective tool for sales and service. It can cut costs and enable faster help, since one live chat agent can potentially handle several chats at once (unlike the telephone).
But what about the hours when your live chat agents are not available? And what about times when the chat traffic is too great, resulting in long wait times? (Or what if, dare we say it, you don’t currently have any live chat agents?)

Chatbots are the next natural tool to increase your ability to help and connect. A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation. With varying degrees of sophistication, a chatbot communicates with a human in a conversational way.

Essentially, a chatbot is like a live chat agent. A chatbot is the non-human version of your live agent playing the role of the human live chat agent.

Why do I need a Chatbot?

Chatbots can handle the easy questions, leaving your team free to handle the more difficult ones. Frequently asked questions become frequently answered questions.  Chatbots can answer preprogrammed questions before the user is even transferred to the live chat agent. The chatbot can also direct your visitors to links and resources.  Depending on the tools you are using, if the questions go beyond the chatbot capabilities it can even hand your visitor off to a live chat agent.

With additional setup and integration, a chatbot can collect order and intake information. It can email people in your organization, or send data to other systems for which integrations exist. With custom programming, a chatbot can potentially go even further. It can verify your visitor’s identity, look up order or case information inside a system for which no pre-exiting integration is available, providing personal help tailored to the visitor.

Beyond the Helpdesk

While chatbots are a great tool for service, they can assist with any front-line communications, such as sales or case intake. They can help connect your visitors with the right department, or help them find the right products or services that you provide.
Some visitors want to find their own information, but some want a helping hand. A chatbot can be that helping hand, when your team’s hands are busy (or off for the night).

So how do I get a Chatbot?

Chatbots are generally hosted services, but finding the right one for your organization and getting it set up and ready to help your visitors can be intimidating.

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