Reflection by Steve Trudell for the New Year


The New Year is a great time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the New Year, personally, but as a company as well. We at Courtland like to take the basic approach of “lessons learned”, as we do after all of our endeavors. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of corporate activities simply move so fast that we become overly focused on the current project or task. We can forget to reflect on the past, review the things we did well then identify those things that need improvement and how we can apply those lessons to our next opportunity.

Courtland is fortunate to have a twenty five year history of success. We begin our next 25 years with many active projects on our plate. As we begin this new year, my resolution is to draw on that successful history and take the time to incorporate those lessons learned into all of our opportunities. Improvement is only obtained by evaluation. Taking the time to reflect and evaluate our past successes only aids in the definition of our successful future. And since we mentioned personal goals, I guess I’d like to lose twenty pounds, I got a whole year right?

Author: Steve Trudell, Owner & President of Courtland Consulting