Nonprofit Good Practice website designed as a key resource for building stronger nonprofits





Testimonial:  “The advice, council and expertise that we received from Courtland allowed for our project transition to go more smoothly than we ever hoped. We are so pleased with the final project and are excited to see how this will enhance our future opportunities.”

Project Description: 

The Nonprofit Good Practice Guide existed to help nonprofits understand how to build a stronger and more efficient organization. The tools, tips, and guidance available on the website was vetted and proven worthy by a Michigan state-wide network of capacity-building organizations who are experts in governance and management. Nonprofits could find guidance on many topics such as, understanding management elements and requirements; navigating state and federal regulations; and establishing a capable, effective governing Board.

Nonprofit Good Practice Guide (NPGP) project team selected Courtland to provide a website redesign with a more graphical display of its content and improve the search function within the website.  The Courtland team worked closely with the NPGP project team to reorganize over 10,000+ valuable resource articles and documents into a new content management system. The new website allows the partner Management Support Organizations (MSO’s) to add content via a blog based on a pre-defined category structure.  Each MSO also has their own team of bloggers with individual photos and company logos represented.  Courtland delivered blogger and site administrator training to the organization to manage the website content.


As part of the new NPGP website implementation, Courtland’s graphic artists also designed new logo branding for the organization.



  • Responsive web design for smart phones and tablets
  • Logo branding
  • Blog and document management
  • Information architecture planning and implementation


Services:   Blog, Content Management System, Mobile Compatibility, Logo Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Rotating image banner, PHP/ MySQL, Social Sharing, Information Architecture planning, Nonprofit Good Practice Guide

Note: The Nonprofit Good Practice Guide website was shut down in 2018.