Online Nonprofit Advocacy Forms

Courtland Consulting - Advocacy Forms

Imagine using your website as a tool to allow your supporters to contact their legislators to advocate for your cause, with just a few clicks of their mouse? Many nonprofit organizations are  incorporating advocacy forms into their websites.

What’s an Advocacy Form?

Advocacy forms can be temporary forms added to your website or we can set up a dedicated section focused on advocacy for your nonprofit.  Advocacy forms can be created surrounding a certain piece of legislation or dedicated to a campaign your nonprofit is undertaking for a specific issue. Asking your supporters to contact their legislators on their own can be a daunting task for some. How do they figure out who their legislator is and get their contact information?  An advocacy form can do that for them! You may have a lot of dedicated supporters that truly believe in your cause, but don’t have the time to keep up with pending legislation. Social media and email marketing campaigns linked to your advocacy forms can alert your supporters to take action! and American Cancer Society are just two of the national nonprofits that are utilizing advocacy forms. They have created Action Center pages where their advocacy forms reside and change them out based on whatever issue they might be advocating for at the moment. Advocacy forms can also be created as stand-alone forms to be added to social media and email marketing campaigns similar to the forms we created for our client Burma Task Force.  These types of forms can be a powerful part of your campaign to build awareness and momentum.

Courtland Consulting - Advocacy Forms

If I Want Advocacy Forms,  Where Do I Start?

We recommend Salsa Labs and their Engage Software.  The Salsa Engagement Platform gives your nonprofit many powerful tools. In addition to advocacy forms, it includes digital marketing, online fundraising and peer-to-peer fundraising tools.  The Courtland Consulting team is well-versed in helping clients incorporate Salsa Engage into their digital marketing strategies.  Contact us today to get started. Interested in other nonprofit topics?