Online Store for Lansing Art Gallery

Online Store for Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center

As the “new-normal” persists many stores and organizations must find ways to accommodate their clientele. The switch to an online store is the must-have approach. In-store shopping is no longer the desirable way to shop, so making the switch to an online store can keep your organization going through these tough times.

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center is one of many organizations making the move to sell their goods and services via e-commerce  on their website. Because they wanted to make the shift happen quick, it was a short deadline. The project had many little pieces involved. Fortunately, Courtland is well-versed in handling quick turn around work. From project management, to custom development, to following strict branding guidelines the project went live with very few hiccups.

Project Featured:

  • Seamless design and branding for uninterrupted transition between website and storefront
  • Custom product fields
  • Tax calculation
  • Shipping & local pickup configuration
  • WooCommerce setup
  • Website management training

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