Out with the Old, In with the New, But How?


Custom Programming for Data Conversion

Custom Programming: Data Conversion

Custom data conversion programming can often be the solution when what you need is unusual, or at least unusual enough that there isn’t a large market for it.

For example, you have been using “Computer System A” in your workflow, but now you are getting ready to start using “Computer System B” instead (for good business reasons). But all of your existing customer or client information is still inside of “Computer System A”.

Depending on what “Computer System A” and “Computer System B” actually are, this may be a common enough scenario that there is existing off the shelf software available, to migrate your data from the old system to the new.

But what if there isn’t?

A custom data conversion program, made to order for your situation, can pull the data from the old system, perform any necessary transformations, and load it into the new system, so that it will be ready to go for you and your team.

Since a custom data conversion program is customized for you and your organization, it can help with your migration in all sorts of ways. Maybe you don’t care about bringing certain kinds of data over. Maybe something is a “custom field” in the old system but is a “category” in the new system. Or maybe your team used a field in a non-standard way (e.g. they stored “district code” in an otherwise unused field called “title”) and the migration process needs to be aware of this. A custom data conversion program can handle these scenarios and help things go smoothly.

So if you are making a big change, let’s talk – Courtland can help your transition from the old way to the new way be less painful and more productive!