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Project Evaluation

The State of Michigan selected Courtland Consulting to complete a two year impact evaluation of the Kent County Cooperative Parenting Project. This is a pilot project that will test the use of non-adversarial language and the use of parenting plans, in divorce proceedings for families with children. The project evaluation will measure if there was a reduction in court activity and an increase in the level of cooperation between divorcing parents in pilot cases.

Courtland planned and developed the Evaluation, in coordination with Kent County Circuit Court, to include parent surveys, parent and court staff focus groups, on-line surveys of attorneys, and a web-enabled database that will be used for data collecting, analyzing, and reporting. Courtland is pleased to perform this Impact Evaluation on a project that is intended to test ways to improve the lives of families going through the divorce process.

Project Portal Website

The Courtland Consulting Evaluation Team needed a website for Kent County Cooperative Parenting Project that provided them with quick access to reports, queries, data entry, quality assurance tools and evaluation instruments. Courtland came through with a simple and clean content management system (CMS) website that was versatile with providing the Evaluation Team a secure, protected portal of critical information that was available for the project stakeholders.

The website also included development of a custom web-based application to track participant survey responses and store data for generating reports on responses, response rates, and conversion that is only accessed by designated evaluation team members.


  • Case Management Tool
  • Ad Hoc Reports Tool
  • JavaScript
  • Client Portal Login
  • Survey Tool
  • Calendar Tool
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