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Kent-County-ReachProject-courtlandconsultingCourtland Consulting was the project evaluator for the REACH project. The Kent County Referral for Employment, Asset Development, Cooperation, and Hope Grant Project (REACH Project) is a three-year demonstration project funded by a federal Section 1115 Discretionary Grant Award. The purpose of this grant is to implement and evaluate a demonstration project in which three local agencies in Kent County (REACH partners) work collaboratively to educate and assist low-income non-custodial parents (NCPs) who have child support obligations so that they can better support themselves and their children. The project is designed to do this through a combination of asset building, financial literacy skills building, employment training and placement, reduction or restructuring of child support obligations, and active case management. As the evaluator we will determine if there is an increase in the financial well-being of children through this collaboration of local agencies. The evaluation included random assignment of applicants to pilot or non-pilot groups; baseline and follow-up surveys of parents; focus groups with parents; interviews with program staff and community partner organizations; and analysis of multiple sources of data.

Project Portal Website

As part of the deliverables for the project, Courtland designed and developed a project portal website to manage stakeholder communications and survey data for the project.  An easy to use content management system (CMS) website was designed and programmed to house project data and share project documents.


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  • Client Management
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