Project Management Solutions

No matter what type of technology project you are tackling, our Project Management Experts are the vital link between the end users and the project developers. We ensure the project is implemented smoothly and successfully from start to finish. We determine end user needs during the initial design and development stages as well as establish clear communication between management, developers, support staff and end users. Courtland carefully analyzes all current as well as future system processes to strategize an effective project development and implementation plan. We also provide user training and continued help desk support if needed.


We work within the overall project scope and identify the individual roles and processes. We then design a detailed project development and implementation plan.


We establish a clear communication process between all parties involved. We communicate individual role expectations, projected timelines, status updates, and more.


We monitor the implementation and launch to make sure everything runs smoothly. We also develop quality training materials and offer on-site training sessions.


We understand that training doesn't end the day the new project or system rolls out. We're here to support the users for the long haul if needed with our help desk services.

Change Management Experts

One thing is for certain, change is inevitable.  As your organization evolves and technology grows at an astounding rate, you can’t avoid change for long.  Courtland is your answer to making technology and operational changes within your organization as painless as possible. 

Courtland’s Change Management Experts develop a plan that ensures a smooth transition so that employees, clients and stakeholders can easily adjust to the new systems and processes.  Following an in-depth research analysis of your current processes in relation to the new processes, we develop an Organizational Change Management Plan (OCM) to help you achieve the following:

  • Clear communication of new processes so users understand their individual roles and how to adapt to the new project or system.
  • Quality OCM coaching, training materials and resources to train users and  help them overcome the resistance to change.
  • Continued OCM monitoring to measure, adapt and recognize success.