Salikas’ Jewels – Handcrafted Jewelry

Salikas' Jewels Courtland Consulting

Salikas’ Jewels are stunningly one-of-a-kind. Handcrafted jewelry with each detail delicately carved to achieve the best jewelry piece possible. Built on the Shopify platform, Salikas’ online shop consists of a shop pop-up event calendar, client reviews & ratings, and a custom ethereal visual with a touch of Detroit.

If you’re ever in the market for a unique piece of handcrafted jewelry, be sure to check the shop’s event calendar and to meet the jewelry designer in person.

Courtland approached the project with a short deadline. But our goal remains the same, which is to present the client with a quality and beautiful website that would boost their business and make it easier to manage their online presence. From project management, development, to the last detail of the design…Courtland always keep our client’s best interests in the forefront.

Website Featured:

  1. Custom Graphic Design & Visuals
  2. Responsive Slider
  3. Shop Events Calendar
  4. Client Reviews and Ratings
  5. Shopify Shopping Cart
  6. Payment Processing Integration
  7. Shipping Setup
  8. Tax Setup
  9. Email Marketing

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