Salsa Engage Events – Website Calendar Integration

Courtland Consulting Salsa Labs

Salsa Engage is a great tool for, well, engaging with your donors and members. But you may have noticed that you can create events (for example, fundraising events) within Salsa Engage and let people sign up for them. But, how can you easily have these events appear in a calendar on your website, without having to manually recreate them inside of a separate calendar tool every time? One of our clients had a need for a website calendar integration, and there didn’t seem to be an existing tool for this.

Fortunately, Salsa Engage provides an API (application programming interface). This provides a way for developers to write software that “talks” to Salsa Engage.

So, we created a visitor-friendly calendar that our client could embed inside a web page using only three lines of HTML code! Their visitors can now see their events on a calendar, click an event to learn more, and sign up for an event right away. And our client doesn’t need to set up the event twice, in two different tools – which saves them time and effort, and keeps everything in sync.

Do you have information inside of Salsa Engage (or another CRM) that you need to display on your website to help your visitors? Haven’t found an existing tool to get the job done? Courtland can help! We will find the right tool for your need, and if a tool doesn’t exist, we’ll create one!