Simple and Complicated Custom Development

Simple and Complicated

Sometimes, custom programming is the solution because what you need is complicated. For example: “we need approximately everything that happens on our website to be automatically recorded in Salesforce.” OK – custom programming it is then!

But sometimes, custom programming can also be the solution because what you need is simple.

One of our clients recently had the need to display a listing of events at a conference. They just wanted a simple table of events to display, with links to individual events, showing the date, time, duration, location (and so forth) for the events.

event listing image

They needed a way to add and edit events in the back-end of the website. However, they also wanted the convenience of being able to add and edit events right from the front-end listings too.

What our client didn’t want (or need) were the fancy features that most event software add-ons had for their website platform – things like showing events as tiles, in calendars, with animations, etc. They just needed a simple listing, with the ability to search and filter events.

Custom programing to the rescue! We built them an event listing tool that did exactly what they wanted, and just as importantly did not do what they didn’t want or need. The administrative controls were also kept simple and effective, doing what was needed and no more, easy to use.

Complicated or simple, we’re with you all the way

In many cases an off the shelf tool can get the job done, but sometimes the job is too complex – or too simple – for off the shelf tools. Either way, Courtland can help you get the right solutions for your project! Check out our blog about this topic too!