Siteground Client Area Updates are Coming

Siteground New Client Tools

Goodbye cPanel, Hello Site Tools

Siteground Hosting is a popular hosting company that Courtland Consulting recommends to their own clients. SiteGround Hosting is reliable, secure with excellent customer service. That is why we utilize it for our own hosting and our clients. 

All SiteGround Hosting customers will be migrated from cPanel to Site Tools. If your organization hasn’t already received emails regarding your site’s switch to Site Tools, it is coming! Since it began, we have received some questions from our clients. They have been curious about the who, what, when and why regarding the migration. So, we decided to blog about the SiteGround Client Area updates.

Why the Switch?

For many years, cPanel was the most popular software for allowing easy “control panel” functions for commercial website hosting. cPanel offers a fairly friendly, yet full featured interface.  It allows website owners to make the most common web server changes remotely through their web browser, without being server experts.

While alternatives existed to this software, none were really as easy to use or as full featured as cPanel.

In summer of 2019, the vendor of cPanel announced huge price increases. Hosting companies around the world reacted, seeking existing alternatives or even developing their own alternatives, rather than just pass these increased costs on to their customers.

SiteGround has now developed their own in-house alternative to cPanel. They call their new software “Site Tools”. They have been rolling out their new software for many months now, but still have some hosting accounts to go.

If you are a SiteGround customer and your account still uses cPanel, at some point you will receive an email from SiteGround, informing you of your upcoming transition away from cPanel to SiteTools. The email will inform you of what day to expect the transition, and will describe the new software and its benefits.

The day of the transition may involve some short downtime for your website and email if you utilize SiteGround’s webmail. So expect and plan for that. It is also wise to avoid making site changes the day of the transition.

If you don’t use cPanel yourself for anything, this transition might be no big deal for you. However, it is important to mention the switch to your web support company when you receive the announcement email, and especially when you receive the second email telling you that the transition is complete. Sometimes a server move is involved, and the web server IP address will change. It’s important that your DNS setup (and, if applicable, your website firewall setup) be reviewed to make sure that your site will keep operating!

Collaborate with Us!

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