Spice up your fundraising sales with some Salsa

WooCommerce Integration

Integration between WordPress/WooCommerce and Salsa Labs

Salsa - WooCommerce Integration

Do you sell products on your website to fundraise for your nonprofit and connect with new supporters?

WooCommerce is the king of shopping carts for WordPress websites. Salsa Labs gives you powerful CRM (contact relationship management) and engagement tools for your non-profit organization.

But, if your site has these two components, but they’re not talking to each other, you’re missing valuable data about your supporters. The information about who your supporters are and what they are purchasing can be used for connection about new campaigns. If you are doing this manually or not at all, Courtland can help.

Courtland Consulting has created an CRM and  shopping cart integration between WooCommerce and Salsa Labs!

Our integration piece will automatically update your Salsa Labs account. It captures the information from the WooCommerce shopping cart. Therefore, your CRM will get the valuable information from your supporters so that you can connect with them in the future about new products and services.

If you are interested in this functionality, get in touch with us!