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The State Data Warehouse is a comprehensive electronic information system, developed, owned, and maintained by the State of Michigan. The State Data Warehouse is licensed to local courts for the sole purpose of creating a single repository for Michigan court data. OptumInsight is the prime vendor for oversight and project management for the application.

Since 2006, OptumInsight partnered with Courtland Consulting to provide professional and technical consulting services for:

  • Negotiating and securing contract agreements between local counties and State agencies
  • Assisting with creating security and usage policies
  • Analyzing statewide data for database matching for consistency of State agency and court usage
  • Development and implementation of an e-learning training program

Data Sharing Agreements

Courtland provided expertise in negotiating and securing data sharing agreements for the State Data Warehouse by conducting the following communication consulting activities:

  • Conducting joint application design (JAD) sessions and act as a documenter for the session.
  • Determining data needs for customer(s).
  • Identifying processes for the data usage and recommending quality improvements.
  • Designing outputs and creating metadata.
  • Coordinating with technical staff to translate requirements into technical specifications, and clarify and amend specifications as necessary.
  • Conducting application testing.
  • Leading the collection and preparation of a new, comprehensive statewide court contact information and performing data matches for statewide utilization.
  • Developing usage and security policies for the application in coordination with executive management.
  • Working directly with Courts to secure agreements, resolve issues and finalize participation.
  • Working directly with State agencies to secure data sharing agreements and finalizing executive approvals.

Training Services

Courtland Consulting is a leading provider of customized, professional quality e-learning educational solutions. Our services provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional training methods that allow clients to conduct collaborative online learning programs. Courtland was resourced to provide product analysis, planning, development and implementation of an e-learning training program for this Project.

An analysis of industry-leading web conferencing tools was conducted by Courtland to outline product features, service and pricing differentiation between tools for short- and long-term training needs.  Online pre-recorded webinars were also designed, produced and published for system training.  Courtland performed all of the webinar project management and production deliverables including:

  • Training script creation and editing.
  • Presentation design and editing.
  • Graphics and photography.
  • Audio recording and editing.
  • System simulation development, editing and implementation.
  • Application training manual development.
  • Custom training session that was developed and delivered to customer for ongoing maintenance.

The audio recording sessions conducted for the webinar highlighted guest speakers within the program.

Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) was developed and customized for the Project to house the online pre-recorded webinars.  The LMS includes the following features (but not all of these feature are being utilized by the customer):

  • SCORM Compliance
  • W3C WAI Accessibility
  • Automatic Email Notifications
  • Self-Registration and User Management
  • Course Category Management & Access Level
  • Set Course Availability Period
  • Set Maximum Course Attendees
  • Course Certificates
  • Free and Paid Courses
  • Feedback Form
  • Upload and Manage Documents
  • Create Quizzes and Surveys
  • Course Forums and Blogs
  • Track Learner Performance and Grades
  • Export Data and Track User Activity Statistics
  • Learner and Course Reports
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