Support from Start to Finish

Customer Support Team

At Courtland Consulting we do not just build your website and hand you the keys. We provide you with a full support team to help you down the road with anything you may need. From start to finish and beyond, Courtland will be there to help!

We start by crafting a website that fits your needs perfectly. Through guidance, communication, and testing we make sure the finished product is something that both Courtland and you are proud to be represented by.

Once the website is complete, we hand it off for you to approve. If there is anything that does not look quite right to you, let us know! We are happy to make changes so the site fits your vision. If you feel the website is not ready for the showroom floor, let us know. Changes are always easily made to give it that extra shine.

After launch, our support team is there to help you take the wheel on your website. Our experts will provide you with all the tools you need, including easy-to-follow how-to manuals we create for you to refer to for your site. Don’t have time? We are happy to assist in making any changes or updates to help keep your site new and fresh.

We provide multiple methods to contact our Support Team so our customers can use what best fits their needs
  • Email –If you send an email to, we will respond quickly by opening a ticket to track your request.
  • Phone – We are standing by to answer the phones Monday through Friday 8:00-5:00. We would be happy to discuss any request over the phone.  There are multiple support team members ready to help resolve your issue or answer your question.
  • Client Portal Form – Our online client portal allows you to create a support ticket at Here you can easily add all the information to the form (Note: You will need a login in order to use this form). The form gives you the ability to immediately submit a ticket to the Courtland Support Team and provide us with all the information we need to complete your request.

Having the company who built your site there for you after launch is the best way to ensure your site continues to run smoothly. When the time comes to make changes to your site, having the same people who programmed and designed your website saves time, and will make certain your site is catching everyone’s eye for years to come.