System Design and Database Development for Eaton County Drug Court Project



The Eaton County Family Division Drug Court Team was awarded a grant by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to expand and increase their caseload. In order to adequately track cases and evaluate program success, Courtland Consulting was chosen to program the drug court tracking software system for this project.

Courtland’s technical consultants custom-built a database-driven case management program to assist program staff in keeping useful and accurate records for all cases. The program allows all demographic information to be kept in one file for the entire family, tracking participant success from case initiation through post-aftercare and enabling the court to evaluate and demonstrate the results of their efforts. Carrying through our commitment to customer services, Courtland’s training team created a user manual as a resource for court personnel on the use of the application.

Courtland further partnered with the Eaton County Drug Court as it prepared to make a presentation about the success they experienced at national conference. The Team needed an interactive presentation to use during a live conference, but one that could also serve as a stand alone overview of the program. Courtland delivered a Flash-based presentation that incorporated video and a descriptive overview of the entire program.