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Food for Thought on Fatherhood Programs

 This week I will head to the National Fatherhood Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. I am honored that while at Courtland, I have been involved with Fatherhood Programs providing research and evaluation, as a  member of advisory boards, and as outreach and supporter of the former Michigan Fatherhood Coalition.  I have observed a wide variety of […]

Congratulations on a Successful PACSS Implementation

The Palmetto Automated Child Support System (PACSS) is live in four counties in South Carolina. The counties that were involved in the pilot implementation were: Aiken, Fairfield, Sumter, and York. Congratulations to the staff of those counties for their patience and dedication to this effort! There has been a lot of work put in to get […]

TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: A Special Focus on Communication Tools for Courts

Today’s Communication Tools Increase Productivity & Team CollaborationCourtland Consulting works with many courts, agencies, organizations, and businesses to share our knowledge of new tools and technology trends that can help people do their job and market their programs and services. This Technology Trends article is the third in a series to share opportunities to take […]

TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: A Special Focus on Productivity and Survey Tools

Technology Has Completely Changed the Way We Work and CommunicateBy: Michelle LeFeve, Consultant at Courtland ConsultingMy work at Courtland Consulting allows me to share with many courts, agencies, organizations, and businesses our knowledge of new tools and technology trends that can help people do their job and market their programs and services.  This Technology Trends […]

Is Your Documentation Relevant for the 21st Century?

At the beautiful location of Myrtle Beach, SC, the Center for the Support of Families and the Courtland Consulting Team conducted a partner technology training session at the Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA) 2016 Conference on “Is Your Documentation Relevant for the 21st Century?”. This page lists all of the presentation and resource […]

GRBJ: Long-term Solutions

25 years ago, Courtland Consulting set out to convert data from 13 Michigan counties into a new statewide Child Support Enforcement System. The company quickly became the go-to source for child support consulting services in Michigan. Courtland was an integral partner with the State and provided the necessary expertise to convert data from all 83 […]

Child Support Association Website Portal

Project DescriptionThe Friend of the Court Association (FOCA) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to encourage progressive legislation, resolutions and other desirable programs representing the common interest of the children and their families involved in domestic relations problems in the State of Michigan.The organization partnered with Courtland Consulting to achieve two main goals for […]

Project Evaluation for REACH Project

Courtland Consulting was the project evaluator for the REACH project. The Kent County Referral for Employment, Asset Development, Cooperation, and Hope Grant Project (REACH Project) is a three-year demonstration project funded by a federal Section 1115 Discretionary Grant Award. The purpose of this grant is to implement and evaluate a demonstration project in which three […]

State of Maine Child Support Project

The implementation for the new child support system for the State of Maine, CSEME, started in 2009 using a phased approach by planning and programming it in functional increments (i.e. Financials, Case Initiation, Case Review, etc.). In 2010, the State and Primary vendor, Protech Solutions (Courtland Consulting Partner), were in need of someone to take […]