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Federal Demographic Data Collection Project

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) required a demographic profile of its child support customers in order to ensure that guiding principles and action items were being met. The project, called OCSE9, sought a better understanding of what cultures it serves, how extensive jurisdictional barriers are, and the social and economic characteristics of its customers.In […]

State of Michigan Child Support Project

As a leader in the area of Child Support system design, project implementation, training and customer support, Courtland Consulting has been a key resource since 1990 in managing compliance activities and assisting the State of Michigan to certify the federally mandated Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES).Historically, Courtland’s business analysts, quality assurance consultants, instructional designers, […]

State of New Jersey Child Support Project

Courtland Consulting has provided implementation and customer support services to the New Jersey Division of Family Development NJKiDS Child Support Project since 2006. Our primary role is to prepare the users for conversion to the new NJKiDS application and provide user support following the conversion to assure proficiency and productivity. Courtland’s experienced team worked closely […]

Kent County Cooperative Parenting Project

Project EvaluationThe Michigan Supreme Court’s State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) selected Courtland Consulting to complete a two year impact evaluation of the Kent County Cooperative Parenting Project. This is a pilot project that will test the use of non-adversarial language and the use of parenting plans, in divorce proceedings for families with children. The project […]

Project Evaluation for Fatherhood Initiative Project

 The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) awarded the Michigan Department of Human Services – Office of Child Support (OCS) grant funds for a demonstration project, Dads from Day One (DFD1).  Building on lessons learned from child support, fatherhood and healthy marriage programs of the past decade, DFD1 focuses on the “front-end” process of child support enforcement, beginning with the […]

State of Delaware Child Support Project

Courtland Consulting has provided Implementation Planning services to the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Child Support Enforcement, DACSES Replacement Project since April of 2012. Our responsibilities include the coordination of all readiness activities that lead up to Statewide cutover to the new Delaware Child Support System (DECSS) application. In addition, our […]