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Need to take your email with you?

At Courtland, our Support Team answers a lot of different questions.  But one of the most frequent questions from our clients is – how to set up email on their iPhone.  We can usually help walk our clients through this setup over the phone in about fifteen minutes, but for those that don’t have the […]

Support from Start to Finish

At Courtland Consulting we do not just build your website and hand you the keys. We provide you with a full support team to help you down the road with anything you may need. From start to finish and beyond, Courtland will be there to help!We start by crafting a website that fits your needs perfectly. […]

Creating a Web Presence for Looking Glass Child Development Center

Courtland creates a website for Looking Glass CDC.  The Looking Glass Child Development Center (CDC) believes that children thrive when provided a safe and nurturing environment that celebrates individuality and fosters creativity. They are committed to providing developmentally appropriate activities and enrichment opportunities designed to support social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.Looking Glass CDC selected […]

How to Help our Courtland Team be a Part of your Team

Our Courtland creative team’s goals are to be an extension of your team.  Don’t have a developer on your team, but want to add a little pizzazz to your website?  We have one that can help.  Need a data migration or conversion or a web service programmed but don’t have a programmer on staff?  We […]

SEO 101 Basics

SEO stands for Search Engine OptimizationBack in February, we told you about the power of SEO and its ability to help you make your website more visible. So this month, for those of you that are interested in learning more about SEO and what it is, we thought we would break down the basics!The purpose […]

Google’s Change With SSLs in January 2017 and Why You Need One

Google’s change with SSLs directly affects website viewing. Starting in January 2017 (Chrome 56), Google introduced a new security measure in the Chrome browser that warns users on non-SSL sites that the web page is not secure.  This change is a great step in moving towards a more secure web! But with this change, it […]

Preparing Your Project Expedition Part 3 – Business Considerations

 Welcome back as we continue mapping your project journey with Part 3 of this article series; Business Considerations.  As with Part 2, Project Management Considerations, our goal is to understand what the business expects as project outcomes; in other words, project success factors. The business is the driver of the project. The business provides functional […]

Making your Website more Visible on Search Engines

So, you’ve invested your time and dollars into a new website.  It looks exactly how you envisioned and has everything you need and more.  You can’t wait for people to start visiting and interacting with your new site!  But…wait a minute.  Who is going to see it or even know about it?  You can make an […]

Website Revamp for Rochester OPC Senior Center Revitalizes their Digital Identity

Project Description:  The Older Persons’ Commission (OPC) provides something for everyone 50+ with a wide array of personal enrichment, fitness, aquatic, social and travel offerings. They also offer supportive senior services such as Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Service, transportation and more. Residents 50+ of the City of Rochester Hills, City of Rochester and Charter […]

Courtland Pays It Forward

Local giving and volunteerism are woven into the fabric of Courtland’s culture.  Courtland’s Pay It Forward tradition grew out of those values and now all employees look forward to this time of year and sharing our stories of how we’ve paid it forward in our communities using our Pay It Forward funds; with some adding […]